You think it’s just good acting?

We were watching a movie. Laying together on the floor. A couple blankets laid out beneath us. Our heads propped up on some cushions off the couch. There was a bowl of popcorn on the floor, mostly untouched. I don’t eat it, she had hardly touched it. Margaritas were better than popcorn any day.

A steamy scene in the movie started. She slammed him against the wall. Forcing him to look at her as she screamed her frustration. So fierce, so aggressive. They stared heatedly at one another. Then they were ripping each others clothes off in a furious frenzy.

She eyed me curiously. “Do you think all the passion and lust is just good acting? Or do you think in some small part, they were both turned on at least a small amount doing this scene?”

I chuckled. “If they were turned on by it, it definitely made the acting easier. Less to fake you know. I suppose it would depend on their attraction to one another, the chemistry they had and if they could separate primal emotion from work well enough or not. Or maybe it’s just damn good acting. Perhaps they drew off memories of personal experience with others, past or present, to help them get in the right frame of mind for the scene. ”

She bit her lower lip and I could physically see her mulling over what I had just said.

“So,” she started, a coy expression forming slowly across her full, sexy lips. “Do you think that she would really enjoy being so rough and aggressive in real life?”

I shook my head, chuckling again. “No clue.”

“Would you like me like that?”

“If I were in the right mood, yes, definitely.”

She grinned. “How about now?”

“Find out.”

She pounced on me, rolling me off my side and onto my back, straddling my waist as she looked down at me.

She grabbed my hands and held them together above my head.

“I’ll be right back, don’t move,” she growled at me.

Her voice was lower, guttural, domineering.

She came back, a couple silk scarves in hand. She straddled me again, grabbed my hands and tied them together above my head with one of the scarves. I began to sit up and she placed both hands on my shoulders and pushed me back to the floor.

“I didn’t say get up, stay down until I say otherwise.”

I relaxed back into the floor.

“Tell me your safe word in case I get too carried away,” she said to me as she lifted to back of my head to drape another silk scarf behind my head.

I told her the safe word I liked to use. She nodded and then used the scarf to gag me.

She undressed me, quickly and roughly. She tore my t-shirt and my panties. I didn’t complain. Neither were expensive and it was too much of a turn on for me to care.

She stood over me and stripped slowly.

“Whore. Don’t you wish you could touch me right now?”

She dropped her panties down onto my face.

“You want your hands touching my cunt right now?”

I squirmed and nodded, mumbling uselessly against the silky gag in my mouth.

She ran her hand down her stomach and touched her cunt slightly. I moaned. She got down on her knees over me, straddling the side of my head. Her cunt inches away from my face. She started slowing parting her cunt lips showing me everything. I moaned and she slid two fingers inside herself and began finger fucking her cunt. I watched but couldn’t touch her even though I so badly wanted to. She was going faster, harder. She was wet. She got so wet when aroused. Her cunt was dripping, the liquids falling down onto my face.

She abruptly stopped. Moving down to suck my nipple into her mouth. She bit hard. I tried to scream but couldn’t get much out because of the gag. She looked up at me and grinned just as she bit my nipple again. I groaned and squirmed underneath her. She used one hand to push me back down into the ground.

“Hold still or I won’t do another thing to you. Got it?”

I nodded and held my body still.

She flicked my nipple with her tongue as she began working the other one with her fingers. She was pulling and pinching tightly. She flicked and sucked the other nipple, biting occasionally. I groaned and fought to keep from squirming.

“Shh, don’t make a sound. I’ll stop. Stay still and be quiet.”

I nodded again. She grinned.

She kissed her way down my body until she got down between my legs. She put her mouth on my inner thigh and kissed up and down both sides, biting after every few kisses. She bit into my thighs hard, sometimes sucking at the flesh she bit down on. Hard and harder. I wanted to scream. She knew I did. Every so often she looked up at me and placed a finger to her lips, shushing me before I ever made a sound.

She put her mouth against my cunt lips and rubbed her mouth up and down against them. She slid her tongue out and traced circles around my lips. I tried not to move but I couldn’t help but squirm. She stopped. She slapped my cunt lightly.

“Bad girl. I told you not to move.”

She stopped and straddled me again. She had her wet cunt pressed tightly against mine. She began grinding back and forth slowly and then increased. It felt good, in a maddening sort of way. I didn’t squirm. I didn’t make a sound. She grabbed my breasts and fondled them, playing with my nipples roughly as she was grinding her cunt against mine.

“You want me to use my mouth on you again?”

I nodded, whimpering slightly.

“Too bad.”

I whimpered again and she just grabbed my tits and twisted my nipples between her fingers even harder. She was grinding roughly against me and for a moment I was tempted to over power her and send her flying to the ground. Though with tied up hands, that would do me much good as I wouldn’t have the ability to get the control I wanted over her.

She grinned suddenly and released my tits as she slid down off of me. My cunt was aching and swollen. She didn’t tease it this time, just got back between my legs and shoved her tongue inside me. I tried not to make a sound but I couldn’t help it. I groaned loudly but she didn’t stop. She did grab my hips and hold me to the floor to keep me from squirming. She alternated between using her tongue on my clit and sliding it roughly in and out of my cunt. I came in minutes. She didn’t stop once I came. She kept going until I came again. She let go of my hips and moved her mouth away from my cunt.

She straddled my face again, this time removing the silk gag she had given.

She didn’t say a word, just lowered herself enough to where her cunt was almost at my mouth on its own. I didn’t need to be told what to do anyway.  She was already dripping wet, her lips swollen. I slid my tongue in her wet folds and she sighed, sounding almost relieved. I licked her clit in the slow, gentle way I knew she liked and she started grinding her cunt into my face. I stopped and she peered down at me.

“What do you want?” she growled at me.

“May I have my hands please? So I can use them on you?”

She grinned and untied my hands.

I cradled her hip with one hand as I went back to licking her clit. I used the other hand to slide three fingers into her. She wasn’t ready for that and gasped, slightly. She glared playfully down at me and I grinned, my mouth busy on her clit as my fingers pounded in and out of her. She rocked back and forth gently, moaning louder and louder the rougher and faster I went. She grabbed the arm I was using to cradle her hip and held on to it like she was afraid she might fall over. I slid my tongue down to slide in and out of her cunt while I let my fingers work her clit. She whimpered and moaned. I fucked her with my tongue as she was grinding her cunt into my face. She was pulling on her nipple now with her free hand and screaming out obscene things, half of which I couldn’t even understand. I could feel her muscles tightening and clenching and then, she exploded, squirting all over my face and hair as she screamed at the ceiling.

Her rocking and grinding slowed and her panting turned into breathy little giggles. She always giggled after she came. It was cute, in a way. It wasn’t like full on laughter. It was breathy, almost a whisper. She stumbled down to the floor and laid down next to me. She curled up against me, still catching her breath. She kissed my lips and then giggled again.

“You taste like me.”

I laughed. “So does the rest of my face, my neck and my hair.”

She laughed at that and then just laid there quietly, relaxing.

“Sorry I didn’t keep up the whole rough, aggressive thing the whole way through, I guess it’s just not my forte.”

I smiled. “No complaints here. It was fun.”

She looked over her shoulder for a moment.

“Hmm,” she said. “The movie is over. I wonder how the middle and the end were?”

I grinned. “Definitely not as good as what we just did.”

She giggled. “Good point. Want to go take a shower?”

I nodded. Once we could move, we went  into the shower and got each other cleaned up. Not before we got dirty again, however. 😉

~ by burningstar26 on December 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “You think it’s just good acting?”

  1. goddamn

  2. I am thinking this was based off of “Basic Instinct.”

    Hot nonetheless…

  3. You know? There was a famous movie that starred Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis where Tony kissed Marilyn. He said it was like kissing Hitler. Interesting point on the acting.

    As for the rest of this post? I love it hot and steamy!

  4. OK, that was fucking hot, babe!

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