I usually hate shopping.

She looked over at me as she walked out of the fitting room, stopping right in front of me. She spun around once then turned around, waggling her ass in front of me. “Does this skirt make my ass look big?” she asked coyly.

“Yeah, it does,” I replied with a playful smirk on my face.

She grinned her charming grin and replied, “Good.” She bent over in front of me, letting me have a peek at what kind of underwear she wasn’t wearing. She bolted back upright, stuck her tongue out at me over her shoulder and playfully sauntered back into the fitting room.

I just laughed, feeling a slight warmness begin to build between my thighs. I hate shopping, I really do. More than my disdain for shopping, I hate tagging along while other people shop. Especially if it happens to be someone who really loves to shop and take their time doing so. How she convinced me to go along with her while she shopped? The promise of letting me watch her try on clothes and take them back off. Plus, I had nothing better to do. There also might have been talks of buying dinner as well. Combine a free meal with watching a cute curvy girl trying on clothes and more importantly, taking them off, I’m pretty much going to go for it. Remember that if any of you ladies are ever in my area (or vice versa) and want me to tag along with you while you shop. Think of me as an average male in this regard I suppose; pervy, horny, hungry and completely disinterested in shopping or clothing in general.

She came back out next in a dress that wasn’t actually a dress. Just a really long tunic style top that she decided would be a dress for all intents and purposes. It barely went down passed her round ass and didn’t do much to cover her plump thighs. Not to mention the v-neck that plunged down enough to show the hint of cleavage. She looked so good. I know she was wearing that just to tease me, she would never go out in public with so little covered.

She spun around in front of me. “How do you like this?” she asked, a little bit of uncertainty creeping into her sparkling green eyes.

I grinned and slowly let my eyes wander up and down the length of her. “I like it. I know you only came out here in that to tease me though. You sadly wouldn’t wear such a thing in public.”

She laughed and replied, “Or in front of most people.”

I let my eyes wander over her body again, this time letting me eyes linger on certain parts of her. I looked up at her, “Too bad for most people.”

She blushed slightly. Sometimes she’s so playful I forget how inexperienced she is. Not just with women but just in general. I find it sweet more often than not. It’s nice to know there are still people out there who haven’t seen it all and done it all before they turn 25. Logically, I know there are a lot of those people out there but in my mind I tend to forget that. It’s what happens when all my closest friends in real life are just as sexual and pervy as I am. Not to mention my online friends. It makes one a little jaded at times.

She had said something but I had zoned out. I asked if she would repeat what she said. She asked if I wanted to see her try some other things on. My reply? That I wanted to see her take that long tunic top off.

She giggled. “You want me to do a little strip tease for you then?”

I nodded, grinning.

She lowered her voice and asked me, almost whispering, “In here?”

I grinned. “Yeah. No big deal. Girls go into the changing stalls together all the time. It’s no big deal and no one will suspect a thing.”

She looked like a mix of giddy, excited and scared but she went towards the door and I followed.

She whispered, “This is crazy, what if we get caught?”

I laughed. “How? Are they going to come busting in here like a bunch of storm troopers or something?”

She pondered this for a few seconds before replying, “No, I guess they won’t. This is exciting, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

I sat down on the bench that was inside the changing room stall and she stood in front of me. She exhaled and started to dance. She fumbled a little bit and then told me she couldn’t do it without music and said the “elevator music” playing in here didn’t help. Before I could say anything, she did what I was going to tell her to do. She grabbed her purse, pulled out her iPod, put it on a play list she wanted, laid it on one of the wall hooks and then turned the volume up enough for her to hear it. She found her rhythm and danced in front of me.

She loosened up as the second song started and put her hands on her body. Moving them up and down her sides, her hips, slowly working them up to her lovely C-cup breasts. She cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples through the fabrics still around her as she swayed in front of me. She moved her hands back down her body, stopping at her pelvis and slowly bring her hands to the front. She rubbed her hands against her pussy and I groaned slightly remembering the lack of panties under that tunic. Her fingers reached the bottom of that tunic and pulled it up her thighs slightly. She stopped to where it almost uncovered her pussy but not quite. She danced around in front of me, teasing and sexy. That scared, uncertain girl was gone for now.

She danced and placed herself about six inches away from where I sat. She smiled coyly and whispered, “You want to touch me, pretty girl?”

I nodded in response. She grabbed my hands and placed them on the outsides of her thighs, letting me feel her soft warm skin. She pushed my hands up and down her thighs. She let go and my hands immediately went to grab her ass. She grinned and pushed my hands away. She back away from me more as she danced and slowly slid the tunic up her curvaceous body. I felt the heat growing between my legs as I watched her pull it off. Her cunt was bare and smooth. I wanted so badly to touch her but I sat there, waiting patiently instead. I let my eyes travel up her body as she pulled the tunic over her breasts then over her head and dropped it to the floor.

She used one hand to cover her bare cunt and the other to reach around and unhook her hot pink and black bra. She tried to keep dancing but it wasn’t working out. She blushed slightly, apologizing. I just grinned and told her to let me unhook it for her. She backed up to me, sitting in my lap with her back to me. She started to give me a lap dance in that position as I unhooked her bra for her. She let it fall off her and onto the dressing room floor. She sat that way for a while, gyrating on my lap with her back to me, bouncing her ass up once in a while to let me have a glimpse of her now wet cunt.

“Keep your hands behind your back, pretty girl.”

I smiled and put my hands away.

She lifted up off of me, turned around and then went for my jeans. She unbuttoned them and slid them down my hips, thighs and legs. She reached for my thong straps and pulled that off of me as well. She looked uncertain suddenly so I said she was doing fine. She grinned, pushed my thighs apart and straddled me.

Suddenly, she laughed slightly. “Sorry, I saw this in a porn once and wanted to try it. The girl straddled the other girl and then sat there grinding her pussy into the other girls pussy. It looked like fun but now I feel silly.”

I grinned. “Don’t feel silly, it’s nice having a hot girl sitting naked in my bare lap.”

She grinned sheepishly and began trying to grind her cunt against mine. After a few minutes I interjected. “This would work better if I could lean back. We’ll have to try it another time.”

She giggled, nodding slightly. She pressed her tits into my face suddenly and I enjoyed the feel of her soft skin against my face. She rubbed her tits and nipples across my lips and all over my face, slowly, teasingly. I opened my mouth and slid my tongue across her nipple as she brushed one across my lips. She moaned quietly and left her nipple in front of my mouth. I licked a few more times before gently sucking it into my mouth. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled herself closer against me as I sucked on her nipple. I moved my hands out from behind me, gently grabbed her other breast and brought it to my lips. She rubbed it against my wet lips before letting me run my tongue across it. She moaned again and I sucked her nipple into my mouth showing it the same attention I had with the other one. I sucked harder on her nipple and she moaned, grinding her wet cunt against my stomach.

I pushed a band between us and let my fingers tease gently up and down her cunt lips. She moaned… and almost lost her balance and fell off of me. We giggled and moved down onto the floor. She sat down and I put my face between her thighs. Licking slowly along her outer lips before letting my tongue delve deeper into her warm, wet folds. The faster I went, the more she grinded her cunt against my face. She laid there, hands over her mouth, writhing on the floor as my tongue worked her tight cunt. I moved to start licking her clit and slid two fingers easily inside of her. She bucked her hips off the floor and gasped as I finger fucked her hard and fast while my tongue slid over her clit. Within a couple minutes, she was coming, hard, soaking my mouth and hand with her juices.

She laid there, breathing hard, trying to catch her breath as I moved away and went to put my thong and pants back on. She sat up and looked at me then looked down at the mess we had just made.

“Oh shit,” she said giggling.

“What?” I asked,

She held up the tunic, now with a big wet spot along the bottom of it. “I guess I’m definitely buying this now,” she said giggling.

I laughed and nodded. Then she quickly stopped laughing and held still for a moment. “OMG!” she whispered with a frantic tone in her voice.

“What’s wrong?”

“It totally smells like pussy and sex in here! What if someone is in here? What if someone walks in here? And omg the stop on the floor that soaked through the tunic is a dead give away. And omg I have to buy this thing now and the sales lady will see it and she will know and….-“

I cut her off gently, “Hey, calm down. Put your clothes back on and lets go buy whatever you’re getting out of here. No one can prove we did anything so don’t freak out.”

She took a deep breath and got dressed faster than I’ve ever seen anyone get dressed before. She put the tunic back on it’s hanger and then grabbed the other stuff she wanted to buy. She grabbed her iPod and purse and we opened the door, walking out and making our way to the register.

The sales girl was totally polite and cheerful… until she got to the tunic.

“Oh dear, this one is damp some how. I’ll go grab you another one!”

“Ummm, actually, I, I…. uh, I got it wet so yeah, it’s okay, I don’t need another one, that one is uh, fine.”

The sale girls looked at her and then looked at me. “Oh… really?”

She looked unsure how to respond. I jumped in. “It’s no big deal, we had a bottle of water and she spilled it onto the tunic top on accident.”

The sales girl smiled and very politely said, “Oh! Okay cool, no big deal then, I’ll just put it into a separate bag for you, ok?”

She paid, we thanked the sales girl and then it was finally time to go. Once we were in the parking lot, my friend looked at me and sighed deeply. “That was quick thinking AR, I had no clue what to say!”

I just laughed. “No problem, I’m quick with shit like that.”

She laughed. “Good thing one of us is!”

We reached her car and hopped in. She turned on the ignition and then turned to me. “So, dinner and then round two back at my house?”

“Sounds awesome,” I said, grinning.

~ by burningstar26 on December 4, 2009.

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